Empowering Lives, Together.

ARCS has taken our program online to help the millions of people who are feeling stressed out and stuck, so we can show you how to reclaim your personal power, realign your emotions, rewire your behavior patterns, reset your nervous system and renew your relationships.

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To help each individual unlock their intrinsic power to create the life they want, and then pass that wisdom along.

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Empathy, Empowerment, and Transformation

Whereas many online social platforms are filled with distant comments and impersonal likes, and most of the internet is sowing division amongst us, ARCS harnesses online technology for good: to build connection, compassion, resilience and wisdom.


We believe that people reach their goals through active self-reflection, purposeful community, and continuous learning.

At ARCS, we believe there's a missing link in how we communicate and interact with ourselves and others. While some of us can easily identify this gap, it remains elusive to actually address it. So, we emphasize the value of human connection and offer a unique approach to help you achieve your goals.

Our program is based on three key elements: knowledge, understanding, and action. You start by gaining knowledge through self-study, then you develop an understanding of that knowledge through real-time conversations, and finally, you'll continually grow through weekly action.

While the fundamental principles of personal change and development are not challenging to comprehend, individuals often struggle with actually sticking to them. This is because they are often left to independently concentrate on only one or two key elements.

The ARCS Program has solved these barriers with an intuitive structure, engaging live discussions, and enlightening content, collectively providing a (life-altering) experience that our members willingly make time for.

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Proven and tested program

Founded in 1997 and venturing online in 2017, we have over 25 years of members reporting life-changing results.

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Moderated community sessions

Live sessions are attended by members in different phases of the program and facilitated by counseling professionals.

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Individualized experiential learning

Video lessons are coupled with discovery journaling, all designed to engage you to explore and incorporate new perspectives and skills.

The process we follow

Take back control

This your journey! We support you by providing flexibility and options throughout your experience.

Be seen and be heard

Be a part of our live community sessions whether you want to share, ask for advice, or just listen.

Gain confidence

Discovering new layers of yourself unlocks confidence in how you move about the world.

Learn to reach others

Take a step further to share your knowledge and experience by becoming a certified coach.

ARCS Membership Testimonials

Hear what people have to say about their journey

" Thank you for your program. This world needs more trained, active listeners and open minds because we all naturally desire to feel accepted, validated and heard. "

Testimonial avatar image of Dana N.
Dana N.
Toledo, OH

" ARCS has given me a place to come to find comfort, effective tools to heal and grow, unconditional love and support, and new ways of thinking and evaluating. "

Testimonial avatar image of Brandon
Greenville, SC

" What a remarkable program, a place where everyone is welcomed — regardless of who you are, what you believe, what you look like, who you love, etc. "

Testimonial avatar image of Jana
Los Angeles, CA

" After reading about the program and watching the introduction video I was totally intrigued and thought, 'This is something I could do, that would even help me.' Boy was that an understatement! "

Testimonial avatar image of Kelly J.
Kelly J.
Jersey City, NJ

" I want to thank you, for all that you have done in my time with ARCS. I have finally found the peace that I was searching for. "

Testimonial avatar image of Mason P.
Mason P.
Birmingham, AL

" This journey has encouraged me to not only find balance within my own life, but also to cultivate relationships with others who have a healthy sense of self. "

Testimonial avatar image of Rachel R.
Rachel R.
Tampa, FL
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Discover Our Journey of Success

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ARCS was founded in 1997 by three clinicians dedicated to sourcing both clinical and holistic disciplines and, through direct collaboration with their clients, to discovering, honing and codifying the most effective process for self-actualization
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By 2001, ARCS founders were called to travel throughout the United States, to provide training seminars on our methods for mental health professionals, wellness facilities and corporate clients.

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Key Milestones

Originally, ARCS specialized in addiction and correlated trauma, but we soon came to realize that our techniques can successfully change any troublesome emotional, cognitive or behavioral patterns. This marked a turning point at which we restructured our program for anyone who is seeking emotional relief, enhanced relationships, personal development and empowered living.

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By 2007, demand for ARCS seminars had outpaced our ability to provide them, so we embarked upon the painstaking but passion-fueled process of converting our comprehensive seminar content into a series of videos and corresponding workbook lessons.

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In 2017, ARCS put its program online to make it affordable and accessible, for anyone who needs it. Our members continue to confirm that everyone can benefit from our journey.

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As our Members and Coaches continue to grow, and then venture into the world, we can see a gradual groundswell of interconnectivity and emotional intelligence forming. We plan to offer our program internationally, by 2027

Give ARCS Membership a Try!

It's nice when you can try something out with no strings attached. Sign up for the Free Trial period and during that week, check out as many of the live Community Sessions as you want. We believe if you experience what our community is like and what they are getting out of it, you will make up your mind.