Become the Best Version of You

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Unlock Your Potential and

Navigate people, emotions, situations or any curveball that life throws your way capably, with a sense of calm confidence, understanding and clarity.

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Connect with a Supportive Community

No need to go it alone or "struggle in silence". Engaging with our community shifts perspectives, exposes misconceptions, heightens awareness, and inspires action.

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Transform Your Life and Help Others

You come to find along the way, that challenges you have gone through contribute to your gifts and purpose. ARCS Connect gives you a way to pay it forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the virtual live community sessions?

Sign up for our free trial to receive login information in your inbox. Once you log in, you'll see different community sessions to select from on your ARCS Home Page. You can choose as many or as few as you like. You can drop by and leave, anytime during a session. ARCS offers you total flexibility to customize however much live time you need.

Does ARCS accept insurance?

ARCS does not accept insurance because we would have to make certain trade-offs to our program, and we're not willing to sacrifice the authenticity of our message or the integrity of our mission. Instead of insurance, we offer pricing that's easy on the wallet.

How long is the self-paced program?

The fastest possible pace to completion is in 9 months, but most people choose to take longer because they're enjoying dynamic discussions in their live community sessions and perspective-shifting "a-ha moments" from their video lessons. Personal development is an ever-evolving process, so we encourage each individual to go at their own, natural pace.

What should I expect from my first virtual live community session?

Our members have used the following words to describe the experience: welcoming, safe, supportive, informative, mind-blowing, surrounded by others who understand, listening to others and hearing myself in their stories, finding my voice, family, and sanctuary.

We think that says it all!

Give ARCS Membership a Try!

It's nice when you can try something out with no strings attached. Sign up for the Free Trial period and during that week, check out as many of the live Community Sessions as you want. We believe if you experience what our community is like and what they are getting out of it, you will make up your mind.