Discover How to Build Relationships and Get Unstuck in Your Life with ARCS Membership

ARCS has taken our program online to help the millions of people who are feeling stressed out and stuck, so we can show you how to reclaim your personal power, realign your emotions, rewire your behavior patterns, reset your nervous system and renew your relationships.

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Explore the Impact of Shared Experiences in Expert-Led Sessions

Gather for real, authentic conversations about life with fellow ARCS Members and expert healthcare professionals. Our supportive community environment provides a safe space for members to share, learn, and grow together.

Mutual Support

Find comfort and encouragement through connecting with others who understand.

Collective Healing

Learn from diverse perspectives and gain insights for personal transformation.

Professional Facilitators

Your experiences matter, and our experts are here to listen and lend perspective.

Easy Scheduling

Pick times that work for you, from a growing list of live Zoom Meeting sessions.

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The ARCS Video Program

The ARCS Video Program is not your typical online coursework series. It is tailored for interactive learning without the pressure of grades, deadlines or strict right and wrong answers. Videos vary in length from 10-30 minutes, and each video lesson is paired with a journaling exercise to offer a well-rounded and engaging experience.


The ARCS Video Program Condenses Decades of Conferences and Retreats into 6 Core Educational Pillars



We are locked out of the results we want in life unless we can first understand how internal patterns operate — our own and others. ARCS videos catapult your awareness of not only what we do but why we do it. And with this wisdom, comes a charter to freedom: true choice in all of your endeavors and relationships.

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Do you offer more loyalty to others than you show to yourself? Or, do you retreat from the world to protect yourself at all costs? ARCS teaches you how to harness your natural motivations so that mind, heart, body and spirit are all working in unison to produce internal balance, security, validation and empathy. When you’re walking in your own truth, no one can truly harm you.

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Most of our struggles are caused by emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns that have become embedded deep below our consciousness, into our instinctual drives. That’s why many people understand their challenges intellectually, but still cannot seem to overcome them — but ARCS shows you how to rewire your instincts.

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What truly makes us happy? How many of our life goals have we chosen, and how many were selected for us? Out of everything we’ve been taught, what do we prefer to keep, and what do we prefer to relinquish or recreate? Instead of “cookie cutter” solutions, ARCS delivers a unique, personalized journey of self-exploration on your own terms.

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Emotional intelligence is the most valuable, yet most rare form of wealth on our planet. ARCS fills your toolbox with the skill sets that really matter in determining the quality of life — like how to experience your feelings without being ruled by them, how to discern between healthy and toxic relationships, and how to draw boundaries that stick.



The last part of our video series is dedicated to manifesting and sustaining change so that you can pass it on to those in need and the next generation. Some graduates do this by teaching their friends, colleagues, and children all that they have learned, others establish their own private coaching practices, and many stay on our platform to share their wisdom with new members.

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"The first time I logged in for a live ARCS session, it was amazing. I could feel the 'community' in the room, even though it was all virtual."

Boise, Idaho

"For the first time in my life, I realized that I needed some help. In my first Community Session, the facilitator invited anyone who wished to share about their life or what brought them to ARCS. Shockingly, I raised my hand — because I felt safe."

Spokane, WA

"I am so thankful that I will have the connection of ARCS community groups for years to come! The bonds we have shared through telling our stories and the journey we have walked to grow and overcome together. This experience is priceless."

Lansing, MI

"Before my first ARCS community class, I figured half an hour would be good enough to check off the attendance box — I ended up staying 2 hours, completely amazed by the conversation."

Indianapolis, Indiana


Unlock Your Potential Through Self-Reflection and Journaling

Journaling plays a crucial role in the ARCS Journey, providing a space for self-reflection and personal growth. Journal Questions encourage you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, while Journal Action Projects provide engaging ways to incorporate new perspectives and skills into your daily life. Journaling with ARCS will deepen your understanding of yourself, uncover patterns, inspire new perspectives, and empower you to make positive changes in your life.

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ARCS does not ascribe to a limited system of beliefs or methods. Instead, we’ve designed our program to be a springboard for self-awareness by introducing you to a host of concepts, methods, and resources so that you can find what works best for you.

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Knowledge alone is not enough for sustained change because our ingrained patterns operate below the intellectual mind. Consistent practice hardwires new experiences into our subconscious, instincts, and neural pathways, resulting in behavior transformation over time.

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ARCS recognizes that both theory and action are required for progress, so while our video lessons are presenting you with new insights and skill sets, our journaling activities are guiding you to incorporate them in your daily interactions.

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ARCS does not believe in a cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all approach because we recognize that respecting each individual’s right to define who you are and choose what you want is crucial to personal empowerment. Our entire program is designed to nurture a journey on which you set the terms.


Do everything on the ARCS Platform

ARCS Membership includes access to our platform where you will attend live community sessions, view your video lessons, download journal activities and more.

ARCS Video Program Lessons

Video courses offer multiple lessons in each topic.
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ARCS Video Lesson's Instructions

Access ARCS videos and journals (also known as workbooks) in one click.
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ARCS Community Sessions

This sample schedule shows the date and time, community session title, facilitator's name and button to enter the live Zoom meeting when it opens.
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ARCS Members' Stories

Hear what our members have to say about the ARCS Program

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Through this program, I’ve been able to create much needed boundaries with family and friends. Now, I understand that many things from the past were never my mine to carry, that I'm not in control of people's choices or actions. I'm the only person in charge in my life..

Boulder, CO
Member story avatar for Jacqueline
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My experience in the ARCS program has been the BEST investment I have ever made in myself. My only wish is that I could have found it much sooner. I immediately ended a 19 year relationship with my abusive partner shortly after enrolling into this program, because I finally had the support and information I needed to leave successfully.

Greensboro, NC
Member story avatar for James
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I have to credit whoever designed the coursework, because it was an incredible experience for me to feel these fears, doubts, insecurities and cynical views meltaway slowly, at a natural pace. I never felt strong armed into changing my perspectives. I never felt rushed or pressured to do things in a particular way.

Los Angeles, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the virtual live community sessions?

Sign up for our free trial to receive login information in your inbox. Once you log in, you'll see different community sessions to select from on your ARCS Home Page. You can choose as many or as few as you like. You can drop by and leave, anytime during a session. ARCS offers you total flexibility to customize however much live time you need.

Does ARCS accept insurance?

ARCS does not accept insurance because we would have to make certain trade-offs to our program, and we're not willing to sacrifice the authenticity of our message or the integrity of our mission. Instead of insurance, we offer pricing that's easy on the wallet.

How long is the self-paced program?

The fastest possible pace to completion is in 9 months, but most people choose to take longer because they're enjoying dynamic discussions in their live community sessions and perspective-shifting "a-ha moments" from their video lessons. Personal development is an ever-evolving process, so we encourage each individual to go at their own, natural pace.

What should I expect from my first virtual live community session?

Our members have used the following words to describe the experience: welcoming, safe, supportive, informative, mind-blowing, surrounded by others who understand, listening to others and hearing myself in their stories, finding my voice, family, and sanctuary.

We think that says it all!

Give ARCS Membership a Try!

It's nice when you can try something out with no strings attached. Sign up for the Free Trial period and during that week, check out as many of the live Community Sessions as you want. We believe if you experience what our community is like and what they are getting out of it, you will make up your mind.